if people really wanted to make fun of people for caring about social issues, they should have come up with a less metal sounding name than ‘social justice warrior’.

Great talk by Zoe Quinn and Patrick Klepek.



what mens rights activists really sound like

mens. rights. activists.

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I’m trying to learn a bit about making documentaries. So I started by doing one about my company.

"Whatever the reason for the purchase, the result is clear: virtual reality just became a monopoly before it even became a market, its development now serving whatever agenda Facebook has for Oculus. And Oculus won’t be the last: An entire generation of hardware innovation is up for grabs right now, and neither Facebook or Google seem about to close their wallets."

With Oculus purchase, Facebook chokes VR innovation in the womb | PandoDaily (via kenyatta)

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A question


Why is it that in a field where people have been successfully questioning and redefining technical conventions for decades, it is seen as suspicious, unnecessary or ridiculous to question and redefine social conventions?

Maybe someday someone will be able to answer me this question satisfyingly.


8-Bit Ghibli Series by Richard J. Evans

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Before filming each episode of my ongoing Tropes vs Women in Video Games series we have to test all of our video/audio settings and equipment to make sure everything is working properly. Here is a short outtake of me goofing around in front of the camera during that set up phase.


The Parallax View

Crazy online music video experience from 上坂すみれ - what seems like a normal embedded YouTube video becomes decorated with additional video game-esque graphics once you start play. There are even sections which are games themselves where you hit falling enemies with your mouse pointer. All of this, and hosted on a Tumblr blog as well …

You can check this out here


I’ve seen bunches of folks talking about what Twitch Plays Pokemon demonstrates about people and representation and government and whatnot. “It’s democracy in action!”, “This is the perfect model for anarchy!”, “Against all odds, the parts of the crowd which tend towards…

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Elephant show jumping. [video]


Elephant show jumping. [video]

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